Available Spaces

Cruise Deck

Cruise Deck


Pre-function Area

Main Conservatory

Main Conservatory (Pool)

Tower Conservatory

Tower Conservatory

Entire Conservatory

Entire Crystal Conservatories (includes Cruise Deck)

*Contact the Event Coordinator for more information

Tent Rental

Tent Rental

*Price & capacity varies depending on type & size of tent wanted


Pool Party Rental

3 hours: $325
(Parties are limited to 3 hours. Includes use of locker rooms)
Lifeguard fee: $20/hour
(A certified lifeguard must be approved or arranged by the Facilities Program Coordinator. If arranged, the fee is $20/hour)

Non-refundable deposit $20
(Required on all parties at time of reservation)

Learn More about Pool Parties and Fees